Summer Concert Series FAQ

Summer Concert Series
Our Summer Concert Series is back! Mark your calendar for May 9th!

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Feel free to call Jasper Winery at 515-282-9463 or send an email to if you have a question about our event. Thanks!

Which bands are playing? Summer Concert Series

Check out our 2019 lineup: 

May 9th — Adé & The Soul Brothers

May 16th — Brian Herrin Band

May 23rd — Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

May 30th — Decoy

June 6th — Damon Dotston Band

June 13th — The Maytags

June 20th — The Nadas

June 27th — Brazillian 2wins

July 11th — Deuling Guitars feat. Brian and Brad

July 18th — Pianopalooza Band

July 25th — Dazy Head Mazy

August 1st — Final Mix

Is there a cost to attend?
The Summer Concert Series is a free event!

What do you serve?
We’ll have Jasper Winery wines available by-the-glass (no bottles are sold during this event) for $7, sangria for $7 and Madhouse Brewing Company beer as well as Coors Light and Bud Light for $6. We also have soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Sprite Zero) for $2 and water for $1.

How do I order drinks?
Just go to one of the three bars (inside the main winery doors, outside by the grapevines and under the large outdoor tent). You may purchase wine by-the-glass (sorry, no bottles), sangria or beer. If you aren’t sure what kind of wine you’d like, our staff will ask you what kind of wine you’re interested in (dry, sweet; red, white) and then happily have you try a couple tastes. Unfortunately, we do not do full tastings during this event in order to keep the lines moving. If you’d like to do a normal wine tasting, please visit the winery during normal tasting room hours.

Do you serve the same things at all of the bars?
We have most of the wines and sangria at each bar. Sometimes we have different Madhouse beers at the different bars. We only serve Bud Light and Coors Light inside. Water is available at all bars but soda may only be available inside.

Can I bring in any drinks?
You’re welcome to bring in non-alcoholic beverages. It is against the Iowa State Law to bring your own alcohol onto our property. We could actually lose our alcohol license so please play by the rules and purchase your drinks from us. Thanks!

Do you have food available for purchase?
We will have burgers and brats hot off the grill every Thursday night for $7/meal. Gusto Pizza will have their pizza truck at the winery June – July. Chocolaterie Stam will also be selling gelato every Thursday!

Can I bring in my own food?
You may bring in your own food but please clean up after yourselves! We have several garbage cans across the lawn.

Can I bring my own alcohol?
Heck no! But why would you want to? We’ve got great wine, sangria and beer available for purchase. If we do find out you snuck some alcohol onto our property, we will confiscate it. Please enjoy our free concert by purchasing drinks from the winery.

Do you take credit cards?
You betcha! We take credit cards at all of our bars. We’ll also take cash.

Are kids allowed?
Absolutely! Just make sure you keep an eye on them.

Can I bring my dog/cat/hamster/unicorn?
Afraid not. This is a people-only event. Thank you for understanding.

What’s the seating situation?
We’ll put out a bunch of chairs and tables but everything is first-come, first-serve. We recommend bringing chairs and blankets for your group so you’ll all be comfy.

Where should I park?
Our parking lot has about 50 parking spots but they fill up fast. You can park on any of the roads around us (make sure you don’t park on the side of the road with the No Parking signs!) as well as the big grass lot behind (to the south) the winery. Water Works also allows us to use their parking lot; it’s located just northeast of the winery on the north side of George Flagg Parkway.

Can I ride my bike?
For sure! We have new bike racks near the building and you can also (carefully!) chain your bike up around our grapevine posts. Please make sure you have lights on your bike as the music usually finishes as the sun is setting.

What if it rains?
No worries! In the case of rain, the band will setup under our big outdoor tent and we’ll have seating under there as well as inside the building. The music will never be cancelled!

Do you have bathrooms?
We sure do! There’s a hallway off of our Main Event Room with the women’s and men’s restrooms. We  have Port-o-Potties located just to the south of the outdoor tent. To reduce mess, we will provide hand sanitizer but not soap and paper towels.

When should I show up?
Well, the music goes from 6-9pm so it’s your choice. We generally don’t have the outdoor bars open until about 5:30pm so we recommend not coming until after 5pm. If you come before 5pm, you may purchase drinks inside.